12 Japanese Car Manufacturers and Auto Parts Suppliers Form Partnership to Develop Cutting-Edge Semiconductors

Twelve leading Japanese car manufacturers and chipmakers have come together to form an innovative joint research organization with a goal of developing cutting-edge automotive semiconductors. The establishment of Advanced SoC Research for Automotive (ASRA) in Nagoya marks a significant step towards creating next-generation chips for automated driving and other functions, with the intention of integrating them into mass-produced vehicles as early as 2030.

Among the prominent participants in ASRA are industry giants Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co., and Mazda Motor Corp., as well as key auto parts manufacturers like Denso Corp. and Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., alongside chipmaker Renesas Electronics Corp. The collaboration is under the leadership of Toyota’s senior fellow, Keiji Yamamoto, who has been appointed as the organization’s chairman.

In the realm of automated driving technology, a system on a chip (SoC) plays a crucial role as an integrated circuit that consolidates multiple functions onto a single chip. This advanced arithmetic processing is pivotal for the development of automated driving. ASRA’s aspiration is to create ‘chiplets’ that combine various types of semiconductors by 2028 and introduce them into practical application by the year 2030.

The government has shown increased support for the semiconductor industry, recognizing its growing importance for economic security. As part of its efforts, the government is expected to explore possibilities of providing support to research associations such as ASRA.

The establishment of ASRA reflects a collaborative effort among major players in the automotive and chip manufacturing industries to spearhead advancements in automotive semiconductors. With a clear focus on integrating next-generation chips into mass-produced vehicles by 2030, the joint research organization is poised to drive innovation in automated driving technology and beyond.

Bringing together a wealth of expertise and resources from leading carmakers and chipmakers, ASRA’s efforts are centered on developing cutting-edge automotive semiconductors that will elevate the capabilities of automated driving and other automotive functions. With a strong focus on integrating these next-generation chips into mass-produced vehicles by 2030, ASRA is laying the groundwork for significant advancements in automotive technology.

The government’s demonstrated support for the semiconductor industry further highlights the strategic importance of ASRA’s research and development initiatives. As the automotive industry continues its pivot towards advanced technologies, the collaborative efforts of ASRA and its participants are positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of automotive semiconductors and automated driving technology. The establishment of ASRA represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of automotive semiconductors, with the potential to catalyze transformative developments in the automotive industry in the coming years.


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