2023’s Most Shocking Examples of Journalism Include ‘The Jihadist Journalism Award for Helping Hamas’

NewsBusters has announced the winners of their 2023 Jihadist Journalism Award for Helping Hamas. This year’s recipient is Imtiaz Tyab from CBS, for his blatant Hamas cheerleading and glorification of terrorists. Tyab’s coverage implied that Hamas, known for their murder of innocent babies and use of rape as a tool of war, are actually courageous underdogs fighting for a noble cause.

The award, which is part of NewsBusters’ lineup of “awards” for the worst instances of partisan “journalism,” highlights the blatant bias and political virtue-signaling prevalent in today’s media landscape. With numerous examples to choose from, the organization expanded its list of “awards” for 2023, including categories such as “The Craziest Analysis Award,” “The Damn Those Conservatives Award,” and “The Joy of Hate Award for Joy Reid Rants.”

Imtiaz Tyab’s coverage of Hamas earned him this year’s Jihadist Journalism Award, exemplifying the leftist media’s tendency to downplay acts of terror and violence committed by radical groups. Tyab’s sympathetic portrayal of Hamas leaders and their supposed determination to combat Israel’s military firepower has drawn criticism for its misleading and biased narrative.

In similar fashion, runner-ups for the award include other journalists and media figures who displayed a similar pattern of biased reporting and sympathetic coverage of Hamas. This includes New York Magazine’s Eric Levitz, Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Adam Elmahrek, MSNBC Host Ayman Mohyeldin, and correspondent Debora Patta, who were also called out for their questionable coverage of the situation.

MRC’s Tim Graham discussed the awards on Newsmax, pointing out the absurdity and biased nature of Eric Levitz’s tweet from New York Magazine, attempting to downplay the severity of the situation in Israel.

The recognition of these individuals and their coverage is part of NewsBusters’ effort to shed light on the pervasive partisan bias in today’s media and hold journalists accountable for their one-sided reporting. The organization aims to promote fair and ethical journalism, free from political motivations and agendas.

The 2023 Jihadist Journalism Award for Helping Hamas serves as a sobering reminder of the need for unbiased and truthful reporting in the media, as well as the responsibility that journalists carry in shaping public opinion and perceptions of global events. NewsBusters continues to advocate for journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth in reporting, pushing back against the prevalent narrative of biased and politically motivated coverage.


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