Academics Address China’s Challenge at Yomiuri International Forum; Emphasizing the Importance of Respecting Values in U.S.-China Competition

The Yomiuri International Economic Society (YIES) and The Yomiuri Shimbun recently joined hands to organize a thought-provoking symposium at Keio University’s Mita Campus in Tokyo. The event was titled “Breakdown of global order and a turning point for Japan” and saw a diverse panel of experts engaging in discussions on various critical issues.

One of the key speakers at the symposium was Guoguang Wu, a senior research scholar at Stanford University’s Center for East Asian Studies. Wu’s presentation focused on the topic “China’s Challenge and the Ability to Shape International Opinion.” He shed light on the impact of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s anticorruption campaign on the country’s political and economic landscape. According to Wu, the Chinese government’s authority has grown, but its governance and economic development have suffered as a result.

Wu also predicted that China’s efforts to mend relations with the United States in a bid to boost its economy might only yield temporary results. His insights provided valuable food for thought for the audience.

Joining Wu on the panel were Tomoki Kamo and Satoshi Mori, prominent professors at Keio University. Mori emphasized that China’s ambition in reshaping the international order involves minimizing the influence of the U.S. military presence in the Western Pacific. He stressed the importance of respecting the values and interests of other nations as a key aspect in the ongoing U.S.-China competition for international support.

Kamo, on the other hand, highlighted the competition between Japan and China in shaping international opinion. He stressed the need for Japan to bolster its capacity to influence global perception in order to foster a conducive international environment for peace and prosperity.

The symposium, held under the umbrella of the Yomiuri International Forum 2023, also received support from Keio University’s Faculty of Policy Management and the Japan Forum on International Relations Inc. The collaboration between these esteemed organizations underscored the importance of the symposium’s theme and the value of fostering informed discussions on critical geo-political and economic issues.

The symposium at Keio University’s Mita Campus provided a platform for scholars and experts to engage in insightful discussions on the evolving global order and Japan’s role in shaping it. The event’s lineup of distinguished speakers and the depth of analysis presented made it an invaluable opportunity for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics at play in the international arena.

In conclusion, the symposium served as a timely reminder of the need for proactive international engagement, strategic policymaking, and a nuanced understanding of global dynamics in navigating the evolving global order. As Japan and other nations seek to navigate an increasingly complex international environment, informed discussions and collaborative efforts such as this symposium will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping our collective future.


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