American Muslim Leaders Launch Campaign to ‘Abandon Biden’ in 2024 Over U.S. Support for Israel

Muslim leaders across the nation have banded together to launch a campaign against President Joe Biden, vowing to influence the 2024 election due to America’s ongoing support for Israel and Biden’s failure to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The #AbandonBiden campaign, initially led by Muslim leaders in swing states like Michigan, Minnesota, and Arizona, has gained significant traction and is now expanding to all 50 states.

Lead organizer Jaylani Hussein stated, “We will save America from itself, by punishing Biden at the ballot box.” This sentiment reflects the strong determination of Muslim leaders to make their voices heard and hold Biden accountable for his administration’s policies regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The campaign has caught the attention of not only Muslim communities but also non-Muslim activists on the left who are equally frustrated with Biden’s stance on the issue. There is a growing concern that these voters might choose to vote for third-party candidates or even refrain from voting altogether, potentially impacting the outcome of the 2024 election. This poses a real threat to the Biden administration’s electoral prospects, particularly in key states like Michigan.

The issue has garnered significant media attention, with reports from CNBC shedding light on the expanding campaign and the potential impact it could have on the upcoming election. The tension surrounding this issue has also prompted discussions about Islamophobia and how it ties into the broader conversation about U.S. foreign policy in relation to the Middle East.

The seriousness of the campaign is evident in the planned national convention in Chicago, where prominent Muslim leaders from across the country will rally to officially launch the #AbandonBiden campaign. The convention aims to solidify and unify the efforts of Muslim communities in all 50 states to influence the 2024 election and hold Biden accountable for his failure to act in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The potential repercussions of this campaign on the 2024 election are significant and will undoubtedly be closely monitored. The Biden administration has yet to respond to the growing dissent, and it remains to be seen how their strategy will evolve in response to the escalating pressure from Muslim leaders and their allies. As the campaign gains momentum and captures national attention, it will be interesting to observe its impact and how it shapes the political landscape leading up to the 2024 election.


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