Arizona Poll Reveals Strong Leads for Donald Trump and Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Kari Lake in 2024 General Election

In a recent December general election poll, former President Donald Trump and Kari Lake were found to be leading in their respective races for President and US Senate in the upcoming November elections. The poll also indicated that both Trump and Lake were already the clear frontrunners in the Arizona Primary elections, signaling a strong showing of support for the Republican candidates.

The poll, which was conducted by VCreek/AMG and surveyed 694 Arizona voters from December 1-8, showed that Trump led President Biden by 46% to 41% in a head-to-head matchup, with 13% undecided. Additionally, Trump maintained a five-point lead over Biden in a hypothetical three-way race that also included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Meanwhile, Kari Lake led Democrat Ruben Gallego in the US Senate general election by six points, with 41% to Gallego’s 35%, while Independent Kyrsten Sinema held just 16% of the support.

The results of the poll were shared on various platforms, including Twitter, where it showed Lake with 41% support, Gallego with 35%, and Sinema with 16% in the Senate race. In the presidential race, Trump had 46% support, while Biden had 41%, and in a hypothetical three-way race, Trump maintained a 40% support, Biden with 35%, and RFK Jr. at 16%. The poll results indicated that Republican candidates in Arizona likely have a solid base of about 37%-40%, whereas the Biden/Democrat base waivers from a high of 41% to a low of 30%.

Notably, Lake’s support in this recent survey was an improvement from previous polling, where she had 37% support, Gallego with 33%, and Sinema with 19%. This demonstrates a growing level of confidence in Lake’s candidacy and the potential for her to emerge as a strong contender in the upcoming election.

The findings of the poll point to a favorable outlook for the Republican candidates in Arizona, with Trump and Lake enjoying significant support in their respective races. The results also highlight the ongoing interest and anticipation surrounding the 2024 election in Arizona. The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on the developments in the Arizona election and any potential issues related to election interference or rigging.


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