Biden Threatens to Sue Texas Over Open Border Policies, Video Shows

The Biden Administration’s War on Texas: Threatens to Sue If State Implements Law Cracking Down on Illegal Immigrants

By Cullen Linebarger

The Biden regime has escalated its war on Texas. Not satisfied with flooding the state with millions of illegal aliens, they now want to stop the state from removing the invaders. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill known as SB4, granting state and local law enforcement officials the power to arrest, jail, and prosecute illegal migrants, which has drawn the ire of the regime.

The Department of Justice has threatened to sue Texas if the state dares to implement SB4. This means the state’s ability to remove illegal migrants could be blocked, further escalating the already dire situation at the U.S.-Mexican border.

The largest migrant caravan in more than a year has made its way from southern Mexico to the U.S.-Mexican border, further complicating the already chaotic situation at the border. Activist Luis García Villagran is leading this so-called “Christmas Caravan,” adding to the already overwhelmed system.

This is not the first time the administration has gone to great lengths to stop states from taking matters into their own hands to secure their borders. When Arizona attempted to construct a border wall made from shipping containers, they too were sued by the Biden administration. The administration has also sued to remove floating barriers deployed by Texas to stop illegal aliens from entering the state.

The actions of the administration speak volumes, undermining their denial of any intent for open borders. The regime’s continuous efforts to prevent Texas and other states from implementing measures to deal with the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants clearly show their priority to maintain open borders.

The ongoing war between Texas and the Biden administration signifies the growing tension between the federal government and states looking to protect their borders. As the Biden regime continues to oppose any actions taken by states to address the border crisis, the situation at the U.S.-Mexican border is at risk of escalating further.


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