Biden’s Celebrate Kwanzaa: The Controversial History of the Holiday

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden recently extended their warm greetings to everyone celebrating the joyous occasion of Kwanzaa. This comes after the President faced criticism for not mentioning Jesus Christ in his Christmas message. While some praised the Bidens for their inclusive holiday message, others criticized their lack of enthusiasm for Christmas.

Kwanzaa, a holiday celebrated by African Americans, was created in 1966 by Ron Everett, also known as Dr. Maulana Karenga. However, Karenga has a controversial past, being a violent felon who tortured two black women in the 1970s. Despite the holiday’s controversial origins, the Bidens expressed their hopes for everyone to remember the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa, emphasizing the values of unity and faith.

In his Kwanzaa message, President Biden said, “May your celebrations be filled with hope and light.” He extended his wishes for a joyous Kwanzaa to all those celebrating, both in America and around the world. He also emphasized the importance of carrying the wisdom of Kwanzaa’s Seven Principles, especially those of unity and faith, into the new year.

While the Bidens’ warm wishes for Kwanzaa were well-received by many, some individuals pointed out the contrast with their Christmas message. In his Christmas Eve message, President Biden emphasized finding peace and stillness, without mentioning Jesus Christ. Despite tweeting a Christmas greeting with his family, some felt that the Bidens did not show the same level of enthusiasm for Christmas as they did for Kwanzaa.

The differing reactions to the Bidens’ holiday messages reflect the diverse cultural and religious landscape in America. While some appreciated the inclusive approach, others hoped for more emphasis on the traditional Christian holiday of Christmas.

Overall, the Bidens’ message for Kwanzaa presents a commitment to embracing and celebrating the diversity of cultural traditions in America. As the country continues to navigate conversations around religion and inclusivity, the Bidens’ holiday messages bring attention to the need for unity and understanding during the holiday season.


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