Buses Drop off Undocumented Immigrants in Western Chicago Suburbs with Free Train Tickets to Downtown and Beyond

Real America’s voice journalist Ben Bergquam has been diligently reporting on the surge of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States. Since President Joe Biden took office, almost 10 million unauthorized immigrants have entered the country through the porous southern border. According to Representative Jeff Van Drew, this number is greater than the entire population of New Jersey, the 11th largest state in America.

In a recent video posted by Ben Bergquam, filmed by Terry Newsome in Chicago, a group of non-English speaking illegal immigrants were seen being dropped off at a train station in a western suburb of the city. These individuals were then provided with free train tickets to travel to various destinations across the country.

The actions of the Biden administration have drawn criticism, with many labeling it as a deliberate effort to undermine the fabric of America. This controversial approach to immigration has led to concerns about the long-term implications for the nation.

The footage shared by Bergquam on social media depicts buses unloading groups of illegal immigrants in the suburbs of Chicago, where they are then given access to free train rides into the city and beyond. This development has raised questions about the potential impact on local communities and the ability of law enforcement to effectively manage the situation.

The influx of illegal immigrants has prompted a heated debate about the government’s stance on immigration policy and the measures needed to address the growing challenge. Critics argue that the current approach is unsustainable and poses a threat to national security, while proponents emphasize the need for compassion and humanitarian aid.

The situation in Chicago is just one example of the broader immigration crisis that continues to unfold across the country. The Biden administration faces mounting pressure to implement effective strategies to address the issue and prevent further strains on resources and infrastructure. As the debate rages on, the lives of countless individuals hang in the balance, caught in the midst of a complex and contentious issue.


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