CEO of Beef Company Defiantly Refuses to Ship mRNA-Injected Meat, Vows to Shut Down Company Instead

Beef Company CEO Refuses to Inject mRNA into Meat When it comes to the food supply, there is a great deal of concern over the potential for mRNA vaccines to be used on livestock. Specifically, beef and dairy cattle could be the next victims of this controversial practice. But one company is taking a stand against the potential risk associated with this. Jason Nelson, the CEO of Whole Cows in Texas, has vowed to prevent gene therapied cattle from entering the food supply through their products.

Nelson is adamant that he will not allow mRNA-injected meat to be shipped by the company. He has made it clear that he would shut down the company rather than compromise on this principle. This is why he is focused on rapidly growing the company to increase the buying power and produce large amounts of beef. The goal is to have a surplus of tens of thousands of bags of beef by 2024 in order to fulfill the promise of delivering healthy, natural, and delicious proteins to the people.

A bill that would have required labeling for beef injected with mRNA vaccines was stalled in committee in Missouri. Additionally, cattle and rancher associations across the nation have largely overlooked concerns from consumers and producers regarding this issue. Despite this, Whole Cows is dedicated to taking every necessary step to keep the gene therapied beef away from their cattle in order to provide the people with uncontaminated products.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a proponent of natural foods, has also raised concerns about the potential risks to the food supply in America posed by these untested mRNA vaccines. He has emphasized the importance of staying informed about what is happening to the food supply, as well as the necessity to avoid pork products for the time being. Mercola has also expressed hope that cattle ranchers will reject the mRNA platform in order to protect the integrity and safety of beef and dairy products for consumers.

Nelson is determined to ensure that Whole Cows remains committed to providing people with safe, natural, and high-quality beef. The company only works with local Texas ranchers at the moment, but there are plans to expand to other states such as Utah or Idaho, where cattle are less likely to be subjected to mRNA shots. This strategy allows the company to remain nimble and proactive in the face of potential risks to the food supply in the future.

Whole Cows offers a variety of beef products, such as Ribeye cubes, NY Strip cubes, Tenderloin cubes, and premium beef cubes. Readers can receive a 15% discount at checkout by using the promo code “TGP15.” The company is committed to providing consumers with beef that is free from mRNA injections, ensuring that they can have peace of mind when enjoying their products.


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