Chicago Mayor Urges Biden Administration for ‘Substantial Funding’ in City amid Immigration Challenge

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has called on the Biden administration to take stronger action to address the ongoing immigration crisis in the sanctuary city. Johnson argues that the current influx is unsustainable without significant federal support. The progressive Democrat made his appeal on CNN on Dec. 27, where he highlighted his office’s efforts in responding to what he called a “humanitarian mission.”

According to Johnson, his administration has faced a significant challenge in welcoming thousands of unvetted immigrants. The city is currently housing 15,000 immigrants in 27 temporary shelters, with 4,500 children enrolled in the Chicago public schools system. Johnson also stated that the city is providing healthcare to the immigrants.

Johnson emphasized the need for coordination, criticizing the uncoordinated approach to the immigration crisis since he took office. He stressed that without significant federal support, the situation is not sustainable. He also warned that without real investment from the federal government, not only Chicago but the entire country would struggle to manage the influx of immigrants.

Since August 2022, more than 26,000 unvetted immigrants have arrived in Chicago, according to the governor’s office. Despite being a so-called “sanctuary state,” Johnson criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to send busloads of what Texas calls illegal immigrants to cities and states like Chicago. He described the action as reckless and dangerous.

Johnson highlighted the need for a coordinated approach, stating that 80 mayors had convened to organize such an approach for the state of Illinois and county officials. He stressed the need for sophisticated coordination while pushing the federal government to provide the necessary resources and support.

Following Chicago’s decision to impound buses sent by Texas and impose fines on unauthorized buses, Texas began transporting immigrants into the sanctuary city via planes. Andrew Mahaleris, Abbott’s spokesman, stated that the flights were a response to Johnson targeting migrant buses from Texas.

Abbott vowed to expand operations to include flights to Chicago until the Biden administration steps up to secure the border and provides relief to long-overwhelmed Texas border towns. He also pointed out that Democrats in Chicago are waking up to the reality that open border policies are failed policies.

In conclusion, Mayor Brandon Johnson has urged the Biden administration to take stronger action to address the immigration crisis in Chicago. He emphasized the need for coordination and federal support, warning that the current situation is unsustainable. On the other hand, Governor Abbott has vowed to continue expanding operations until the border is secured and long-overwhelmed Texas border towns receive the necessary relief. The immigration crisis continues to be a significant and contentious issue that requires effective and coordinated action at both the local and federal levels.


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