Chicago Mayor Urges Biden for Help with Illegal Border Crossers as Entire Country is at Stake

In a recent televised interview, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson expressed concern about the impact of the migrant crisis on his city. While Chicago may be a sanctuary city, Mayor Johnson highlighted the struggles the city faces as it deals with the influx of illegal immigrants. Housing, healthcare, and schooling for migrant families are stretching the city’s resources, and Johnson emphasized the need for significant federal support to address the issue before it becomes unsustainable.

During his appearance on CNN, Mayor Johnson stressed the need for a coordinated approach to the migrant crisis, with support from the Biden administration. He highlighted the efforts of his administration to provide structure and calm but emphasized that without substantial federal assistance, the situation would not be sustainable. Johnson warned that without the necessary federal investment, it wasn’t just the city of Chicago that would struggle, but the entire country that was at stake due to the overwhelming migrant influx.

In a series of Twitter clips, Mayor Johnson reiterated his plea for help with the migrant crisis, highlighting the critical point that the city had reached in handling the situation. He emphasized the need for significant intervention to address the crisis, stating that local economies were not designed to respond to this type of influx without immediate help. Furthermore, Johnson made it clear that without a pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants pouring across the open southern border, the entire country’s future was at stake.

The mayor’s appeal for assistance with the migrant crisis has garnered attention, with many pointing to the current administration as being responsible for the situation. It seems clear that Johnson is imploring President Biden and Congress to take meaningful action in addressing the crisis that has left Chicago and other cities struggling to cope with the influx of illegal immigrants.

It is evident that Mayor Johnson’s concerns extend beyond the confines of Chicago, as he emphasized the broader impact on the entire country. The lack of significant federal support could potentially have far-reaching consequences, and Johnson has made it clear that immediate intervention is necessary to prevent further strain on local economies and resources.

The mayor’s plea for help with the migrant crisis serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing sanctuary cities like Chicago and the pressing need for coordinated, substantial support from the federal government. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Biden administration and Congress will respond to Mayor Johnson’s impassioned appeal for assistance in addressing the migrant crisis that has put the entire country at stake.


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