Chicago Redirects $95M in Federal COVID-19 Relief Funds to Cover Illegal Housing Costs

The city of Chicago is facing a crisis as a result of the surge in illegal immigrants due to President Joe Biden’s border policies. Mayor Brandon Johnson has voiced his concerns about the city reaching a breaking point as it struggles to accommodate the influx of migrants.

During an appearance on CNN, Mayor Johnson made a plea to President Biden for immediate intervention, stating that the local economy is not equipped to handle such a crisis. He emphasized the need for significant support to address the situation.

In response to the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens, Mayor Johnson announced that the city will allocate $95 million from COVID-19 relief funds to cover the expenses associated with providing shelter for thousands of undocumented individuals. The decision to reallocate these funds comes as the city grapples with the financial strain of accommodating the migrants.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the city had budgeted $152 million for 2023 city operations, which were initially intended to be covered by American Rescue Plan Act funds provided by the federal government. However, due to better-than-expected city revenue, some of the operational costs can now be covered by the city’s corporate fund, freeing up $95 million in federal dollars to address the migrant crisis.

City Budget Director Annette Guzman revealed that the city has already spent over $138 million to provide care for the new arrivals, primarily consisting of Venezuelan migrants who were transported to Chicago by Republican leaders in an effort to shift costs to Democratic-led cities.

Mayor Johnson defended the decision to allocate federal funds for the migrant crisis, stating that it is a federal problem and, therefore, the city is making use of ARPA funding to meet its financial responsibilities without compromising critical services for Chicago residents.

CBS Chicago’s investigation uncovered records showing that Chicago has paid out $138 million from October 2022 to the present to address the needs of undocumented individuals in the city. The largest recipient of the funding was Favorite Healthcare Staffing, which received $93 million, followed by Equitable Social Solutions with $19 million, and Open Kitchens with $15 million.

The Gateway Pundit highlighted the lucrative contract that Favorite Healthcare Staffing has with the city, where some employees were paid hourly rates ranging from nearly $50 to $156 for regular pay and from $75 to $234 for overtime. These revelations have raised concerns about the how the funds are being utilized and whether they are being effectively managed to address the migrant crisis in Chicago.


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