College Chancellor Fired for Filming X-Rated Videos with Wife and Adult Film Stars – Legal Action Considered

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse made headlines this week when Chancellor Joe Gow was terminated by the Wisconsin Board of Regents for his involvement in the creation of X-rated content with his wife, Carmen Wilson. The 63-year-old, who had been the second-longest-serving chancellor at UW-La Crosse, used the public account handle “Sexy Happy Couple” to publish explicit videos featuring not only himself and his wife, but occasionally other well-known adult film stars as well.

The Wisconsin Board of Regents officially announced Gow’s firing, citing his “abhorrent” actions as being detrimental to the university’s reputation. Despite the termination, it was reported that Gow would be placed on paid administrative leave as he transitions into his faculty role, but the president of UW, Jay Rothman, filed a complaint to review Gow’s status as a tenured faculty member.

This is not the first time that Gow has faced controversy related to the adult film industry. In the past, he paid adult film star Lina Hartley $5,000 to speak to students on campus, causing a stir but not resulting in any disciplinary action. Additionally, Gow and his wife recently ventured into more “tasteful” content on YouTube, focusing on preparing various vegan food dishes, which also featured adult film stars.

In an exclusive interview with WTMJ, Gow expressed his intention to fight back against the termination, claiming that the Wisconsin Board of Regents violated his First Amendment rights and is considering legal action. He argued that the content he and his wife created focused on consensual adult sexuality and should be protected under the First Amendment.

Gow further defended his actions by stating that those who viewed his content were not forced to do so, and as he and his wife never identified themselves as part of the UW System, the Board of Regents’ actions were unjustified. He also explained that the purpose of their content was to portray a “sexy, healthy couple,” while also featuring his wife’s vegan cooking.

In a surprising turn of events, Gow had announced his plan to retire at the end of the 2023-24 academic year and return to the faculty as a communications professor just a few months before the termination. He had expressed his desire to spend more time with his wife and work on a cookbook as well as possibly creating a video for the internet, indicating that he had future plans involving digital content creation already in mind.


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