Colorado Governor Jared Polis Faces Social Media Backlash for Awkward Rendition of ‘Feliz Navidad’ (VIDEO)

Colorado Governor Jared Polis made a festive gesture in a social media post, serenading his Latino followers with a rendition of ‘Feliz Navidad’. However, the light-hearted holiday greeting was met with heavy criticism and mockery from online users.

One user commented, “I just cringed so hard I think I cracked a tooth…” expressing the discomfort felt while watching the video. Another user even compared the governor’s performance to other controversial issues in the state, stating, “This is somehow worse than the wolves and rigging our elections.”

A more scathing critique came from a dissatisfied user who said, “As cringe as this is, it doesn’t begin to compare to the damage you’ve done to this state,” reflecting a deeper dissatisfaction with the governor’s policies.

Some took a more humorous approach, with a comment suggesting that the governor might have had “a little bit too much eggnog”. However, others went beyond the performance itself, expressing a broader sentiment about political leadership.

“Our leaders are not serious people. They’re embarrassments,” noted one user, while another emphasized the negative reception of the governor’s holiday gesture, stating, “He not only looks like a clown but acts like one.”

The holiday post also became a platform for politically charged comments, with one user linking the governor’s performance to the actions of the Colorado Supreme Court. Another user expressed sheer disbelief, writing, “Did he forget the music? What is happening here I had no idea this amount of cringe was feasible oh man.”

The Twitter post, which featured Governor Polis’ musical greeting, received mixed reactions from the online community, with many expressing discomfort and dissatisfaction with the governor’s holiday gesture.

The governor’s attempt at spreading holiday cheer did not have the intended effect, as it was met with widespread online ridicule and criticism. This response highlights the level of scrutiny faced by public figures, especially when they attempt to connect with their audience on social media platforms.

While some users took a humorous approach, others used the opportunity to express their discontent with the governor’s performance and his policies. The reaction to Governor Polis’ holiday post reflects the complex relationship between public figures and their audience in the age of social media.


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