Comedian’s Comparison of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler Fails to Impress

Renowned comedian and Monty Python actor, John Cleese recently took to social media to share a controversial “joke” comparing Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to President Donald Trump. Cleese listed “Five ways that Hitler was preferable to Trump” which included fighting for his country, never using a teleprompter, being nice to dogs, writing his own books, never playing golf, and not being a big fat slob.

Following the backlash, Cleese then expanded on qualities that make Donald Trump preferable to Hitler, citing that Trump doesn’t practice genocide and has nicer hair. The comedian’s attempt at humor sparked a wave of criticism, leading him to issue an apology, acknowledging that it was a bad joke especially on Boxing Day.

Despite the failed attempt at comedy, Cleese has been a vocal advocate for freedom of speech and has consistently spoken out against cancel culture. He was one of 136 individuals who signed The Westminster Declaration, urging the government to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and refrain from censoring politically motivated speech.

The 82-year-old comedian has expressed concerns about modern society’s hypersensitivity and the impact of political correctness. He has even avoided visiting college campuses due to this issue. In 2022, Cleese joined the British “free speech” channel GB News, further emphasizing his commitment to freedom of expression.

Cleese has been quoted blasting cancel culture as a “tragedy,” emphasizing the lack of freedom for comedians to be funny and the shift in comedy films being aimed at a specific demographic. Last year, he was reportedly set to host a series called “Cancel Me” to explore the impact of cancel culture on comedy. In response to an incident where a visiting speaker was banned for making a Hitler impression, Cleese decided to “cancel” himself by pulling out of an appearance at Cambridge University and urging organizers to find a venue where so-called “woke rules” do not apply.

John Cleese’s controversial remarks may have stirred controversy, but they align with his consistent advocacy for freedom of speech and his disdain for the limitations imposed by cancel culture. His willingness to push boundaries and challenge societal norms regarding speech reflects his ongoing commitment to defending the right to express diverse opinions, regardless of how unpopular they may be.


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