Concerns Raised as Washington DC Voter Rolls Reportedly Exceed 100% of Eligible Voters (VIDEO)

As the presidential election draws near, the importance of registering to vote becomes a critical topic of discussion. The registration rates in various states have come under scrutiny, with particular attention on Washington, D.C where the watchdog group Judicial Watch discovered that eligible voters are registered at a rate of 131%. This violation of basic math standards has raised concerns about the accuracy and integrity of the voter rolls in the nation’s capital.

The Washington Examiner reported that Judicial Watch has also investigated other states, including California and Illinois, for failing to clean up their voter rolls of ineligible or deceased individuals. According to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, inactive names are required to be removed from voter rolls, and failure to do so may result in federal lawsuits. In response to Judicial Watch’s findings, Washington, D.C swiftly announced plans to remove 103,000 ineligible names from their voter logs, while California and Illinois have pledged to take similar actions.

The revelation of bloated voter logs and the failure to maintain accurate voter rolls has sparked concerns about the integrity of elections. The American people have the right to question the security of the electoral process, especially when voter logs are filled with deceased individuals who mysteriously register and vote. The sanctity of the vote is essential to the functioning of a free and democratic society.

The findings by Judicial Watch have ignited discussions about the need for transparent and fair elections. The Twitter video posted by Victor Nieves highlights the absurdity of the situation with 131% of eligible voters registered in Washington, D.C. The video emphasizes the importance of maintaining voter integrity and preventing fraudulent practices that could undermine the democratic process.

It is imperative for states to take the necessary steps to clean up their voter rolls and ensure that elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner. The credibility of the electoral system is at stake, and restoring trust in the integrity of the voting process is essential for upholding the principles of democracy. As the presidential election approaches, the focus on registering to vote is accompanied by a renewed emphasis on the accuracy and reliability of the voter rolls across the country.


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