Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Home Swatted for the Eighth Time on Christmas Day

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home was the target of yet another “swatting” event on Christmas Day, marking the eighth time that she has had to deal with such a crisis. “Swatting” refers to making a prank call to emergency services in order to bring about the dispatch of armed police officers to a specific address.

Despite the distressing situation, Greene remained resilient, celebrating the holiday with her family and expressing her gratitude for the local police force. She took to Twitter to share her experience with her followers, emphasizing her appreciation for the police and expressing joyous spirits in celebrating Christmas.

The first swatting incident against Greene occurred in August 2022 when a false report of a shooting at her home led to a heavy police presence. Since then, she has been targeted seven more times, with the most recent incident occurring on Christmas Day. Additionally, conservative reporter Jack Posobiec’s parents were also swatted, prompting law enforcement to become fully involved in tracking down the perpetrator.

Various social media users have expressed outrage and concern over the frequency of swatting incidents, suggesting heavy penalties and federal legislation to address this issue. The recent exposure of a national swatting ring linked to a black hat hacking group has shed light on the dangerous trend of children being recruited and paid substantial sums in Bitcoin for their involvement in these pranks.

Authorities have been working on the investigation, with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and Okaloosa County School District holding a joint news conference to reveal more about the ongoing investigation. The conference showcased the disturbing trend of children being paid in Bitcoin for their participation in swatting incidents.


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