Conservative US Cardinal Burke Reunites With Pope Francis After 7-Year Hiatus

Cardinal Raymond Burke has been a vocal critic of Pope Francis’ globalist policies since the beginning of his papacy. He even conducted a ‘counter-synod’ near St. Peter’s Square before this year’s contentious synod. During a conference titled ‘The Synodal Babel’, Burke fervently rejected Francis’ ‘synodality’ vision and the broader reform project for the church.

In response to Burke’s criticisms, Pope Francis revoked his Vatican privileges, including a rent-subsidized apartment, accusing him of working against the church and causing disunity. However, despite this rift, the two met for the first time in seven years, with Burke cryptically commenting that he was “still alive” after the private audience.

Burke has refrained from discussing the details of the meeting, which was listed on the pope’s official schedule. However, it remains unclear what transpired during their discussion.

As a prominent figure among traditionalists in the Church, especially in the U.S., Burke has been a frequent guest on conservative Catholic media outlets, where criticism of the pope has been a recurrent theme. His relationship with Francis has been contentious from the start, as evidenced by Francis removing Burke from a key Vatican position in 2014, just days after Burke likened the Church under Francis to a “ship without a rudder.”

Throughout his tenure, Cardinal Burke has maintained his stance against Pope Francis’ globalist policies, positioning himself as the highest-ranking and most outspoken critic within the Church.

Despite the ongoing discord, the fundamental differences between Pope Francis and Cardinal Raymond Burke continue to drive a deep division within the Catholic Church. With the rift between the two figures showing no signs of closing, the Church faces the challenge of managing this internal dissent while striving for unity and cohesion during these tumultuous times.

As the Church grapples with internal rifts, the Vatican must navigate the complexities of differing viewpoints within its leadership, reconciling the divergent perspectives to uphold the unity and integrity of the Catholic faith. Whether the antagonism between Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke will persist or evolve into a more harmonious relationship remains to be seen, but the repercussions of this discord will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the future trajectory of the Catholic Church.


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