Controversy Erupts Over ‘Black Santa’ in Christmas Advertised on TRUTH Social

TRUTH Social became the center of attention during the holiday season when an ad for an independent Christmas movie, “BRINGING BACK CHRISTMAS,” caused a stir. The movie stars Leigh-Allyn Baker and Mark Christopher Lawrence. The ad features Lawrence wearing a Santa hat and Baker as a glowing angel, with a small depiction of the Nativity. While some TRUTH Social users expressed negative comments about the ad, others actually watched the movie and left positive feedback.

However, an anti-conservative website decided to highlight the negative comments and label TRUTH Social users as MAGA Trump Supporters, creating a biased narrative that does not accurately represent the platform’s users. By using selective negative comments and ignoring the positive feedback, the website displayed a lack of journalistic integrity and fell into the trap of fabricating fake news.

The situation also brought to light issues such as snap judgments based on limited information and the oversimplification and categorization of people based on biases. Many TRUTH Social users made snap decisions based on the ad without even watching the movie or understanding its content, highlighting a lack of critical thinking. In a society where information is readily available, it is important to verify assumptions before spreading false information.

The movie “BRINGING BACK CHRISTMAS” promotes the message of gaining new perspectives and reflects the importance of considering multiple viewpoints. It invites the audience to see the Christmas Story in a delightful new way and remember the true reason for the season – Jesus. The film encourages people to seek unity and understanding, a message that resonates during the holiday season.

In conclusion, the article condemning TRUTH Social users for their reactions to the movie ad brought to light the issue of fake news and biased reporting. It serves as a reminder to think critically and seek new perspectives to bridge divides and promote unity. The movie “BRINGING BACK CHRISTMAS” is a delightful holiday film that encourages viewers to see the Christmas Story in a fresh light, and it serves as a timely reminder of the spirit of unity and understanding during the Christmas season.


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