Controversy Surrounds Danica Patrick’s Attendance at TPUSA Event

Former NASCAR and IndyCar driver Danica Patrick refuses to back down from her conservative political views despite facing backlash on social media recently. The criticism toward Patrick began after she posted photos of herself and her sister at a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) conference on Instagram, which sparked disappointment and disapproval from many of her liberal followers.

Turning Point USA is an American non-profit organization established in 2012, advocating for conservative politics on high school, college, and university campuses. The photos posted by Patrick showed her and her sister wearing hats in support of former President Donald Trump, Charlie Kirk engaged in a discussion, Tucker Carlson speaking at the podium, and an advertisement for “Woke Tears Water.”

In response to the negative comments, Patrick’s followers expressed their disappointment, with some even declaring that they would unfollow her, and many stated that she should consider herself “canceled” due to her political beliefs. Despite the criticism, Turning Point USA acknowledged Patrick’s presence at the conference, and some responded with the expectation of negative feedback from liberals.

Patrick initially did not address the negative comments and instead focused her Instagram stories on her family and Christmas. However, she later posted a follow-up on her Instagram story clarifying her political stance, where she stated that her overall political views are somewhere between Republican and independent. She emphasized the importance of free speech and her belief that a country should be governed by someone with business expertise and integrity. She defended her right to express her love for the country and voiced her disappointment in the double standards for Republicans in society.

During her top NASCAR series, Patrick raced from 2012 to 2018 and achieved seven top 10 finishes and one pole in 191 races. Despite the backlash, she remains firm in her political views and continues to speak out on social and political issues. The reaction she received from her followers has sparked conversations about freedom of expression, tolerance for differing opinions, and the role of political beliefs in public figures’ lives. Patrick’s unwavering stance on her political views reflects the polarization of American society and the challenges public figures face when expressing their beliefs.


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