Creating an Online IRS Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

The approach of the year 2024 tax season is nearly here and as tax day approaches, it would be a good idea to get a jump start on your taxes. With a bit over three months left until the final filing deadline, it is found that an average taxpayer uses around 13 hours to complete the required tax return. If you are looking to get a head start on your taxes as early as possible, one of the important things to consider is creating an online IRS account.
According to Robert Rodriguez of CNETRegistering, online with the IRS might take some time, but is worth it. Upon entering the IRS system, you can have access to necessary information to electronically file this year. This would include obtaining your adjusted gross income, or AGI, from last year’s taxes, along with full transcripts from previous tax years. In order to learn more about the advantages of having an IRS account and the process of registration, here’s all you need to know about the upcoming 2024 tax season.

The main reason to consider creating an IRS account is to enable a rapid access to one’s personal tax data. Upon registration, one will gain access to a variety of personal tax information, including the adjusted gross income, details of your latest tax return, details of payment history for five years, amount of taxes currently owed, digital copies of some IRS notices, and authorizations from a tax professional.

With an online account, payments can be made online, certain IRS can be made paperless, and authorization requests can be approved from a tax professional. ASAP copies can be received of tax records like transcripts of past tax returns and wage and income statements. On top of this, an online account will also enable one to request for an Identity Protection PIN to add an additional security layer to their tax records.

Laying importance to the response of the experts, creating an IRS online account is advised, in case one runs into trouble or any tax issues in the future. The experts advocate creating an IRS online account in advance, as it would save you the pressure of registering online during a crisis.

Before starting, it is recommended to collect certain documents and information before starting the online registration process. These would include having a valid email address, acquiring your mailing address, owning a US passport, passport card or state driver’s license, your Social Security number or tax identification number, and a mobile phone registered under your name.

Looking to register at to create an IRS account online? A number of routes are available to access a new registration and the easiest way is to visit the Your Account Online of the IRS website. Upon registration, an online IRS account should be up and running and one should be able to access all the important data and functions that are required by the IRS. Upon encountering common error messages, the IRS advises to wait and sign in later. If the error messages continue, one can check view their alternatives on the error page to find a solution for their the issue. is a third-party identification service that is required to be used for all IRS accounts and the process requires photos or scans of your ID document. The IRS recently announced a transition from third party verification involving facial recognition and said that they will soon develop a new identity verification process that will not require facial recognition.(grammarAccesspartners or shareholders can only access a business tax account for the years they have a schedule K-1. According to the IRS’ website, it will be adding support for “more business types and roles soon”. 
What you can do in your business tax account depends on which type of business you are running, and what your role in that business is. usiness owners can also make payments or schedule estimated payments online using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.


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