Delta Employee Calls Police on Trans Influencer Tommy Dorfman After ‘Misgendering’ Incident at Airport

Delta Air Lines Staff Calls Port Authority on Angry Tommy Dorfman

Delta Air Lines employee has called port authority on Tommy Dorfman, a transgender actress and influencer, following a heated argument over alleged ‘misgendering.’ The tense confrontation, captured in a viral TikTok video, showed a Delta employee named “Tristan” standing up to Dorfman’s complaints at LaGuardia Airport just three days before Christmas.

In the now-deleted video posted by Dorfman, the actress claimed to have been misgendered by a female Delta employee at the airport. The incident escalated when Dorfman took issue with the pronouns used by a male Delta employee, leading to a confrontation that was documented in the video.

Despite Tristan’s attempts to defuse the situation and explain that the misgendering was unintentional, Dorfman continued to escalate the argument, accusing the employee of not using the “correct” pronouns. Frustrated by the ongoing confrontation, Tristan threatened to have security escort Dorfman out of the airport.

Dorfman confirmed that the Delta employee involved in the incident had called port authority, and police officers arrived at the scene to speak to Dorfman and his partner. Meanwhile, a Delta spokesperson responded to the situation, expressing the airline’s commitment to understanding more about the incident by reaching out to Dorfman. The spokesperson also reiterated Delta’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It is also important to note that Tommy Dorfman is known for sharing content on TikTok about hormone therapy, which includes the use of estrogen, as part of the transition process for transgender individuals. The incident at the airport has sparked further discussion about Dorfman’s activism and the portrayal of the incident on social media.

In summary, the confrontation between Tommy Dorfman and the Delta employee at LaGuardia Airport has drawn attention to the challenges and conflicts related to gender identity and pronouns in a public setting. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing conversations and efforts to promote acceptance and understanding of diverse gender identities in society.


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