DeSantis Urges Iowa Supporters to Disregard Polls as Trump Holds Significant Lead

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized the importance of individual votes over polls at an event in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, as part of his campaign for the upcoming Iowa Caucus. He expressed his belief that the media and polls do not accurately reflect the sentiment of voters, urging people to voice their opinions at the caucus.

DeSantis, who is second in the polls behind former President Donald Trump according to the latest Iowa poll, highlighted that the outcome of previous caucuses has often contradicted the predictions made by the polls. He stated that the media and the Democratic Party would prefer President Trump to win the Republican Party’s nomination, as it would make things easier for them in the general election.

During his speech, DeSantis also addressed the negative campaigning against him, claiming that over $30 million has been spent to tarnish his image. He positioned himself as a change agent who is committed to delivering results and upsetting the status quo in Washington, D.C.

One of the attendees, Ed Touney, criticized the accuracy of polling methods, stating that the polling system is flawed and no longer reflects the current times and people’s preferences. Touney, who has participated in Iowa caucuses for over 30 years, expressed his support for DeSantis citing his ability to deliver on his promises.

Following his remarks, DeSantis defended his record as the Governor of Florida, emphasizing the accomplishments he has achieved, and addressing the criticism that he is spending too much time in Iowa. He highlighted legislative achievements in Florida and refuted claims of being negligent towards his state.

DeSantis then engaged in an impromptu press event, responding to questions about his commitment to Florida and his ambitious Presidential campaign. He assured his supporters that his accomplishments in Florida reflect his commitment to providing effective leadership and delivering results.

Adhering to his agenda, DeSantis expressed his domestic and foreign policy priorities, focusing on border security, combating drug cartels, projecting military strength internationally, and enhancing U.S. alliances. Additionally, he entertained questions on agriculture, energy policy, national debt, and international conflicts, expressing his willingness to engage with regular voters and address their concerns.

With the Iowa caucuses scheduled for January 15, 2024, DeSantis’ visit to Iowa has been met with a mix of enthusiastic support and cautious skepticism, as voters weigh the promises made by the candidates. The citizens of Iowa have a critical role to play in shaping the future trajectory of the Republican Party and the forthcoming presidential election.


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