Elderly Woman Defrauded of ¥140 Million in Telephone Scam: Japanese Police Issue Warning Against Such Fraudulent Practices

A woman from Shiki, Saitama Prefecture has been swindled out of approximately ¥140 million ($1.2 million USD) after receiving repeated phone calls from a group posing as law enforcement officials, according to police reports released on Friday. The 74-year-old woman allegedly received several phone calls beginning on March 26 from a group of men pretending to be either a police officer or public prosecutor, who told her that her bank accounts had been used to commit a crime. “An arrest warrant has been issued for you,” the perpetrators stated,  but if the woman transferred the funds to an account specified by the suspects, the warrant would be rescinded.

The call began with “This is the police station” or “Public prosecutor’s office” and continued with “Your bank account has been used to commit a crime. “, the suspects said, adding, “If you make a money transfer, we’ll withdraw the warrant,” “This is top secret” and other things, taking advantage of the victim’s fear.

Deciding to comply with the instructions, the woman sent ¥140 million to the account indicated by the suspects through an online banking service. The scam was then discovered after the financial institution found several suspicious money transfers. Following an investigation of the case, the expose of the scam ultimately lead to a revelation of the group of swindlers. 

Many readers may assume that victims of such scams are solely limited to the elderly or those easily swayed. It is notably becoming an increasing trend, where even the younger populations are targeted. With institutions like tax offices, insurance agencies, and municipalities, among others, citizens should be extremely aware and cautious not to disclose any sensitive information over the phone or internet without proper verification of authenticity. Financial institutions, to their credit, are responsible for investigating and reporting suspicious transactions, and that’s precisely how police learned of the fraud.

Police, and other relevant authorities, are urging the public to be extremely vigilant to such threats, to arm themselves with the necessary knowledge and understanding of scams activity and to report suspicious activity immediately. Many people are not sufficiently cautious, believing they are immune to such fraudulent efforts. However, the fact remains that fraudsters know no geographic, age, or social boundaries, and all citizens are at risk of being targeted. It is important that anyone receiving such a call report it directly to the police, without hesitating or delaying.

Cases of fraud, specifically those banking fraud related, are on a sharp rise and are costing victims millions of yen. Police are hopeful that improving awareness and reporting of fraudulent activities can lead to a decrease of scams and identify those responsible. Therefore, people should be alert when receiving unsolicited phone calls or emails, and be aware of the common tactics used by fraudsters. Such scams rely on fear in order to persuade victims to comply with demands, so staying calm and taking the time to verify an unexpected or suspicious request is vital. 
Saitama officials reported that this case is now under active investigation, and efforts are being made to bring the perpetrators to justice. It is essential that people are increasingly aware of these kinds of scams, so they will recognize the danger and take preventive measures. Citizens must understand the importance of calling a fraud helpline or the police as soon as they receive a suspicious call so that they can save themselves from becoming another victim


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