Good, Faithful Americans Rally for Change of Venue for January 6 Defendants on Christmas Eve

The Fight for Justice in January 6th Cases: Change of Venue Must Be Granted
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Treniss Evans and Condemned USA are at the forefront of demanding justice for January 6th defendants. Using a unique approach that combines data science and psychology, they have presented a compelling argument for the change of venue for the upcoming trials. Their efforts have exposed the inadequacy of the District of Columbia to seat an unbiased jury, and have effectively challenged over fifty years of legal precedent.

Evans’ work has brought to light the shortcomings of using woefully inadequate polls in previous motions for a change of venue. In comparison, the collective data history of over 250,000,000 United States citizens has been meticulously compiled and presented to the Department of Justice. Attorney George Pallas has led the charge in presenting this factual and data-filled motion for the change of venue, providing a glimmer of hope to the January 6th community during the holiday season.

The right to a fair trial is a fundamental aspect of Constitutional due process rights. The inability of January 6th defendants to find an unbiased jury in the District of Columbia has been a widely recognized concern. However, Evans and his team have taken the bold step of proving this theory through the combination of data and psychological sciences. They’ve emphasized that this is not the effort of a lone wolf, but a collaborative effort with a team of “patriots” who are committed to upholding justice.

In a collaborative effort with A.J. Fischer, Brad Raksalas of Watch Post Analytics, and Defense Attorney George Pallas, a filing was prepared to demonstrate the detrimental effects of implicit bias in the District of Columbia. The analysis of Google Trends Research has revealed clear indicators of bias, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of irrefutable legal proof.

The data presented in Fischer’s filing illustrates the heavily biased media coverage surrounding the January 6th events and its impact on the minds of the jury pool. Fischer’s unwavering dedication to proving the team’s theory has resulted in compelling evidence that calls for a change of venue. This evidence points towards the Middle District of Florida as a viable alternative for a fair trial, presenting a glimmer of hope for January 6th defendants nationwide, including President Trump and Jack Smith.

As the cases move forward in the courts of D.C., the support for these great patriots is crucial. Individuals are encouraged to join Condemned USA in their fight for due process and justice for January 6th defendants by making a contribution to their cause. The significance of the change of venue in these cases cannot be overstated, and now is the time to stand by these patriots and support their pursuit of justice.

In summary, the relentless efforts of individuals like Treniss Evans and A.J. Fischer have shed light on the need for a change of venue in the January 6th cases. Through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment, they have presented compelling evidence that cannot be ignored. As the fight for justice continues, it is imperative to support their cause and stand by them in the pursuit of fair trials for all January 6th defendants.


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