High Surf Warnings in Ventura After Rogue Wave Injures at Least Eight

An astonishing and horrifying occurrence took place as a rogue wave crashed onto a Ventura beach this Thursday morning, causing injuries to eight individuals and prompting authorities to issue a high surf warning and close down local beaches. The wave struck at the end of Seward Avenue, catching bystanders off guard and creating an unexpected and chaotic scene.

Witnesses, including Colin Hoag, were taken aback by the sudden ferocity of the wave. Hoag, who was out for a morning run, described the moment by saying, “My first thought was, get out of the way of this. This is Mother Nature. You can’t stop her. She’ll plow through anything.”

The alarming incident was likened to a terrifying horror movie, as people scrambled to safety while the wave engulfed the shoreline and partially submerged a pickup truck on the beach. Videos of the chaotic scene were captured, showing the frantic rush to escape the powerful surf.

Additionally, another video of the incident was posted:

On the day of the incident, the authorities had already issued high surf and coastal flood warnings for Ventura County beaches. As a precautionary measure, beaches throughout the county, including the Ventura Pier, were shut down due to the hazardous surf conditions.

Furthermore, the Ventura Police issued a “Dangerous High Surf Alert” that was effective until 10 pm on Saturday, December 29. The alert covered the area from the Ventura Pier to Marina Park, advising the public to steer clear of the Pierpont area and all beaches until further notice.

Residents have been provided with sand and sandbags to fortify their properties in response to the hazardous surf conditions. Sand and sandbags are available at the City’s Maintenance Yard, located at 336 Sanjon Rd., with supplies being limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, dozer crews from the Ventura County Fire Department are working on constructing a protective berm in hopes of shielding the area from potentially more powerful waves expected on Saturday.


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