House Ways and Means Chairman Accuses Joe Biden of Using Air Force Two for Meetings with Hunter Biden’s Business Associates

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo where he discussed allegations against Joe Biden using Air Force Two for personal gain.

During the interview, Chairman Smith presented evidence suggesting that Joe Biden had financial involvement with his son Hunter’s business dealings. He expressed frustration over the White House’s refusal to comply with subpoenas and emphasized the need for an official impeachment inquiry vote to procure necessary information.

Bartiromo brought up a memorandum of understanding signed by then Vice President Joe Biden in 2013, which allowed Chinese companies to trade on US exchanges without following accounting and SEC rules. She questioned whether he was compensated for this decision and examined other policy changes that may have led to financial gain for the Biden family.

Chairman Smith acknowledged the breadth of allegations, pointing to more than 20 countries where Hunter Biden had business ties. He cited bank records disproving President Biden’s claim that his family did not receive money from China and highlighted instances where Joe Biden allegedly used Air Force Two to meet with his son’s business associates, as well as his involvement in the firing of a prosecutor investigating Burisma, a company on which his son served on the board and received millions of dollars.

The investigation into the Bidens’ business dealings continues, with Chairman Smith and other lawmakers determined to follow the facts and hold the family accountable for potential misconduct.

The interview on Sunday Morning Futures sheds light on the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Biden family’s international business activities and the potential use of political influence for financial gain. The allegations, if proven, could have significant implications for the Biden administration and raise questions about ethical conduct and conflicts of interest in the highest levels of government. As the investigation progresses, more evidence may come to light, shaping public perception of the Biden family’s business dealings and prompting further legal and legislative action.


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