Israeli-American Hostage Confirmed Dead at 70 Years Old

The tragic news broke last week when The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum declared that 73-year-old Israeli-American Gadi Haggai had been murdered by Hamas. His wife, Judi Weinstein, 70, was abducted along with him from Kibbutz Nir Oz, a community heavily affected by Hamas attacks on Israel in October. While Gadi was reportedly killed during the assault, Judi was believed to have been taken hostage in Gaza, but this week, Nir Oz confirmed her death as well. The bodies of the couple are now being held in Gaza by Hamas.

The full extent of the couple’s tragic deaths came to light through social media, with multiple posts sharing the sorrowful news. It was shared that Judi Weinstein Haggai, an American-Israeli kidnapped by Hamas, had been confirmed deceased, with her body being held by the terrorist group. The heartbreaking news also revealed that her husband Gadi had tragically died while in captivity as well.

According to a post on ABC News, Judi Weinstein Haggai was described by her family as a peaceful and creative person. She was vegan, wrote daily haikus, and had a creative spirit, using poetry and puppetry in her work with children. She taught English and incorporated mindfulness into her lessons, aiming to help students manage anxiety and stress. Her daughter described her as someone who wanted to help everyone and was all about peace. Unfortunately, the couple was abducted during their regular morning walk in the fields and vineyards by Hamas.

Another report from The Forum shared that Gadi Haggai was a man full of humor who knew how to make those around him laugh. A gifted flutist, he played in the IDF Orchestra and was involved with music his whole life. The Forum also revealed that Judi had managed to notify friends that they had been shot and Gadi was critically injured, and that was the last contact with them before their deaths.

Judi’s YouTube channel features a collection of her poetry and meditation videos, showcasing her talent and creativity. The Forum has also expressed the deep sadness over the loss of the couple and shared their memories as a couple who contributed positively through their talents and passion.

The deaths of Gadi and Judi are a heartbreaking tragedy, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths at the hands of Hamas have sent shockwaves around the world. The holding of the couple’s bodies by Hamas only adds to the grief and anguish of their loved ones, who have been left devastated by this senseless act of violence. The international community has joined in mourning the loss of Gadi and Judi, two individuals who brought positivity and kindness into the world.


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