Israeli IDF Drone Discovers Terror Tunnel in Gaza Mosque Near School; RPG Terrorists Eliminated in Orchard

The brave soldiers of the IDF 55th Paratroopers Reserve Brigade have made significant strides in their ongoing mission to root out terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. In a recent operation in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, the soldiers located and destroyed a tunnel leading to a war room used by Hamas’ Nukhba operatives.

This war room was a hub for Hamas terrorists to plan and conduct combat operations and transfer weapons. Thankfully, the skilled soldiers of the 55th Para Brigade were able to eliminate several terrorists and neutralize the threat posed by these underground tunnels and war rooms.

During the operation, the soldiers also discovered a rocket launcher and tunnel shaft inside a mosque near a school. The mosque was being used as a staging area and weapons storage facility by Hamas terrorists. Additionally, the IDF infantry and armored forces located five tunnel shafts and multiple missile launch pits in the Gaza Strip.

However, it wasn’t an easy mission for the soldiers. They encountered terrorists who launched RPGs and attacked them with light weapons. Despite facing this resistance, the soldiers managed to eliminate the terrorists and successfully secure the area. Sadly, Sergeant Maor Cohen Eisenkot and Staff Sergeant Jonatan Dean Jr Haim lost their lives during the operations.

But the bravery and professionalism of IDF soldiers did not go in vain. Other units, including the Brigade 7 operating in the Khan Yunis area, also successfully located caches of weapons and directed airstrikes to target terrorists from the air. Moreover, the Yahalom combat engineers conducted an extensive search for operational tunnel shafts near the Rantisi Hospital, uncovering a vast underground network used by Hamas for conducting combat and terrorist attacks.

The IDF’s thorough search and intelligence gathering also led to the discovery of a map of tunnel shafts seized by the 252nd Division. This valuable information has allowed the IDF to identify and destroy many tunnel shafts, preventing future terrorist activities and keeping Israeli and Gazan civilians safe.

These efforts have once again exposed Hamas’ cynical use of the civilian population, including refugees and children, as human shields. The continued commitment and determination of the IDF soldiers have undoubtedly saved countless lives and prevented further attacks.


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