Japan’s Kanji of the Year is ‘Tax’ as Price Hikes Put Pressure on Wallets

The prestigious title of “kanji of the year” was officially awarded to the character for “tax” at a special ceremony held at the beautiful Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto. This traditional event, which took place on Tuesday, was attended by a large crowd of locals and tourists who were eager to witness the highly anticipated announcement.

For the past 27 years, the Japan Kanji Proficiency Society has been selecting one kanji character that best represents the key social, cultural, and political events and trends of the year. The character for “tax” was chosen as a reflection of the nationwide discussions and debates surrounding tax reform and financial policies.

As Japan continues to grapple with economic challenges and fiscal reforms, the kanji for “tax” emerged as a symbol of the ongoing debates and decisions that will have a significant impact on the country’s future. The selection of this character serves as a powerful reminder of the pressing issues facing Japanese society and the need for constructive dialogue and action.

The Kiyomizudera temple, with its stunning views and rich cultural heritage, provided a tranquil and fitting setting for the announcement of the kanji of the year. As the sun set over the historic city of Kyoto, the solemn ceremony offered a moment of reflection and contemplation for the many attendees who gathered to witness this symbolic event.

In his speech during the ceremony, the chief priest of Kiyomizudera temple emphasized the significance of the annual kanji selection, highlighting the importance of language and culture in shaping public discourse and awareness. He underscored the role of kanji as a powerful vehicle for conveying complex ideas and capturing the essence of a given period in history.

Furthermore, the event also featured calligraphy demonstrations and exhibitions showcasing the versatility and beauty of kanji characters. Visitors had the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and historical significance of these intricate symbols, further enriching their understanding of the kanji for “tax” as the chosen character for 2023.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the evening sky was illuminated by the soft glow of lanterns, the ceremony culminated in the formal unveiling of the character for “tax” at the temple grounds. The audience looked on with a sense of reverence and anticipation, recognizing the weight and implications of this symbolic choice.

Overall, the announcement of the kanji of the year at Kiyomizudera temple served as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of language, culture, and society. The character for “tax” will continue to serve as a thought-provoking symbol, sparking dialogue and reflection on the pressing issues facing Japan and the world at large.


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