Jetstar Japan to halt at least 8 domestic flights on Saturday; Labor union schedules strike until Jan. 7th

Jetstar Japan, a low-cost carrier, made the announcement on Friday that it had to cancel 17 domestic flights due to a labor union strike causing low crew numbers. The strike, set to last until Jan. 7, will result in at least eight more domestic flights being cancelled on Saturday, impacting around 1,400 passengers, particularly those flying between Narita and Kumamoto.

The strike on Friday saw 36 union members participating, the largest number since it began on Dec. 22. The union has indicated that 24 members will be on strike on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. This ongoing labor dispute has caused significant disruptions to the airline’s operations, inconveniencing many passengers who had made travel plans over the holiday season.

The impact of the strike has been felt most keenly at Narita Airport, with many passengers finding their travel plans upended. The cancellations and potential disruptions have led to frustration among travelers, who are left in limbo due to the ongoing labor dispute.

Jetstar Japan has advised affected passengers to check the status of their flights and make alternative arrangements as necessary. The airline has apologized for the inconvenience caused by the cancellations, but the labor union shows no sign of backing down as it continues to press for its demands.

As the strike enters its third week, the airline and the labor union have yet to reach a resolution, leaving many passengers in the lurch. The ongoing nature of the dispute has raised concerns about the potential for further flight cancellations and delays, particularly as the strike is set to continue into the New Year.

The labor union’s decision to stage a strike during the busy holiday period has raised questions about the timing and impact of their actions. With a large number of passengers affected, there is a growing sense of frustration and uncertainty about the reliability of the airline’s services.

As the strike continues to disrupt Jetstar Japan’s operations, there are concerns about the long-term impact on the airline’s reputation and customer satisfaction. The ongoing labor dispute has put a strain on the relationship between the airline and its employees, with no immediate end in sight to the standoff.

With the strike set to continue into the New Year, the uncertainty surrounding Jetstar Japan’s flight schedules has left many passengers feeling anxious and disillusioned. As the airline and the labor union remain at odds, the ongoing disruptions serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by the aviation industry in addressing labor disputes.


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