Juveniles Arrested for Sister’s Murder in Domestic Dispute Over Unequal Christmas Gift Exchange

23-year-old Abrielle Baldwin, a mother of two, tragically lost her life in a domestic dispute on Christmas Eve. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida announced the arrest of two juveniles in connection with this shocking incident.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Abrielle Baldwin was allegedly killed by her 14-year-old brother during an argument over the “inequality” of Christmas gifts. The siblings were Christmas shopping with their mother and other siblings when the argument occurred.

Deputies responded to a distress call at the family home, where they found Abrielle holding her 11-month-old son, suffering from a gunshot wound. Her 14-year-old brother, Damarcus Coley, was also found with a gunshot wound. Despite medical intervention, Abrielle succumbed to her injuries, while Damarcus remained stable after hospitalization.

The altercation took a darker turn when the family returned to their grandmother’s home after shopping, resulting in a heated argument over the gifts. Damarcus allegedly threatened to shoot his brother, prompting the boys’ uncle to intervene. Abrielle tried to calm the situation but the conflict escalated when she got into an argument with Damarcus while carrying her 11-month-old son. Damarcus, in a fit of anger, shot Abrielle in the chest while she was still holding her young child.

Following the shooting, the 15-year-old brother, Darcus, emerged from the house armed with another firearm and shot Damarcus in response. Darcus then fled the scene and discarded his firearm in a nearby yard before contacting his mother and later being placed in a mental health facility due to self-harm statements. Damarcus was charged with 1st Degree Murder, Child Abuse, and Delinquent Possession of a Firearm, while Darcus faced charges of Attempted 1st Degree Murder and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

This tragic domestic dispute resulting in the death of a young mother and the arrest of two juveniles has left the community in shock. The Sheriff’s Office advises family members and friends to look out for signs of conflict and to seek help or intervention from authorities when tensions escalate to prevent such devastating outcomes.

The community is urged to come together in support of the Baldwin family during this difficult time. The loss of a young mother and the arrest of her siblings have brought attention to the importance of conflict resolution and mental health awareness, especially among young individuals.

As the community mourns the loss of Abrielle Baldwin, it serves as a reminder of the impact of domestic disputes and the need for support and intervention for individuals and families facing similar conflicts.


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