Kathy Griffin, a vocal critic of former President Trump, files for divorce after a few years of marriage

Comedian Kathy Griffin has decided to end her marriage to husband Randy Bick just days before their 4th anniversary. Griffin, 63, filed for divorce in Los Angeles County, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has a prenup, and Griffin has requested it be enforced, indicating no need for spousal support. With no children, child support is not a factor either. The divorce petition lists Dec. 22 as the date of separation.

In response to the news, Griffin posted a tweet expressing her disappointment at the situation. This comes after the comedian made headlines for her controversial lip tattoo reveal and her ongoing public animosity towards President Trump.

Griffin’s disdain for President Trump has been evident in her public statements and actions over the years. She previously made a threat against Trump, prompting a visit from the Secret Service. In 2020, she told CNN’s Jim Acosta to kill President Trump with an air-filled syringe, which could potentially cause a fatal stroke. This led to her being placed on Interpol’s watch list.

Griffin’s behavior has often overshadowed her career achievements, and her recent divorce announcement has added another layer to her public image. Despite her notoriety, Griffin continues to use social media to express her views and engage with her followers.


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