Large Pro-Hamas Protest in Midtown Prompts Level 3 Mobilization by NYPD on Christmas Night; Police Attacked, Injuries Reported

New York City Police came under attack on Christmas night in Midtown by a group of Pro-Palestinian protesters. The police responded to this large protest by requesting a Level 3 mobilization.

The protesters, who were reportedly advocating for the Palestinian cause, refused to stay home on Christmas and instead chose to take to the streets. As a result, several police officers were injured in the violence that ensued.

The protest mob even marched by St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown, where they could be seen shouting outside the church. The situation escalated as the protesters clashed with the police, leading to a chaotic and violent scene.

In a tweet, it was claimed that the protesters gathered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to voice their opposition to the Israeli actions in Gaza and to emphasize that Christmas is canceled in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. This behavior has drawn widespread condemnation and sparked outrage among different communities.

The tweet also included footage from the NYPD Level 3 mobilization, showing a large protest taking place in Midtown, where Pro-Hamas supporters were reportedly engaging violently with the police. The situation has raised concerns about public safety and the increasing tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In another tweet, it was shared that the Pro-Palestinian protesters were out to “cancel Christmas” as they stormed NYC again. The use of Christmas as a backdrop for their demonstrations has been met with criticism and accusations of antisemitism.

Despite facing legal consequences for their actions, the protesters seemed undeterred as they continued to advertise their Christmas demonstration, adding fuel to the fire.

The clashes between the protesters and the police have prompted a debate about freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest. However, the violent nature of the protests and their timing on Christmas night have sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters.

Overall, the events in Midtown on Christmas night have raised serious concerns about public safety and the need for peaceful dialogue to address complex geopolitical issues. It remains to be seen how the city and law enforcement will respond to such demonstrations in the future.


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