Lauren Boebert to Run in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, Reports Say

Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, who had been facing a difficult reelection battle in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, has surprised many by announcing her decision to run in a different district. This unexpected move presents her with a whole new set of challenges, as she will now have to go through a primary process against others competing for the same job. The controversial congresswoman’s decision has been widely covered by RedState, which reports that Boebert announced her decision via Facebook on Wednesday evening.

Boebert’s decision to run in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, on the other side of the state, comes as a surprise to many. It is worth mentioning that securing the general election candidate position in the 4th district will be no easy feat, as she will be facing a very crowded primary field. Boebert’s victory margin was just 546 votes last year in the 3rd district, which encompasses Colorado’s Western Slope into Pueblo and southeastern Colorado. The 4th District, on the other hand, is anchored in Douglas County and includes Loveland and the state’s rural Eastern Plains. According to a nonpartisan analysis of election results from 2016 to 2020 by staffers for the Colorado legislature, the 3rd District leans 9 percentage points in Republicans’ favor, while the 4th District leans 27 points toward the GOP. It is worth noting that Boebert doesn’t have to live in the 4th District to represent it.

Boebert has taken to social media to discuss her decision. In a post on Twitter, she expressed her desire to maintain a conservative voice for Colorado in Congress and emphasized the importance of keeping the Republican House majority. Her tweet includes a video in which she addresses her constituents and supporters directly, explaining her plans for the 2024 election cycle. This move raises questions about whether it will affect her chances for reelection.

Boebert’s decision to switch districts has stirred up speculation and uncertainty about how this move will impact her political future. It remains to be seen how her supporters and constituents will react to her decision, as well as how her new competition in the 4th district will receive her entry into the race. This unexpected development has certainly added a new layer of complexity to the upcoming congressional elections in Colorado. As the political landscape continues to evolve, all eyes will be on Boebert as she navigates this challenging transition to a different district in pursuit of reelection.


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