Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster was hacked, says personal information stolen in data breach

Concert and event promoter Live Nation has revealed that its subsidiary Ticketmaster was breached by hackers, with a cybercriminal having allegedly offered the data of users for sale on the dark web after stealing it. Live Nation disclosed the breach late on Friday in a filing with the relevant authorities. The breach occurred on 20 May and relates to personal information. Live Nation's statement says it identified unauthorised activity in a database containing its data hosted on a third-party cloud database. Neither Live Nation nor Ticketmaster named the third-party involved, though it is alleged Ticketmaster's breached database was managed using Boston-based Snowflake's services, who announced on Friday that "a limited number of customers" may have been "impacted" by attacks on their account information.

Neither company has provided more detailed information regarding the number of individuals impacted or what steps they are taking for further protection. Amazon Web Services, which hosts much of Live Nation and Ticketmaster data, is also named as such on a since-removed customer case-study on Amazon's website. The investigation into the breach is ongoing, and Live Nation has yet to respond to media inquiries. Earlier this week, the administrator of an online cybercriminal forum called BreachForums claimed to be selling the alleged personal data of 560 million customers, including alleged Ticketmaster customers.

Live Nation is currently facing accusations of monopolistic practices following a suit by the Department of Justice and 30 attorneys general. The data breach was not known when the suit was filed earlier this month


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