Louisiana Senator Claims Joe Biden’s Popularity in State is Comparable to Herpes – Watch the Video

In a fiery interview on FOX News, Senator John Kennedy did not hold back on his opinions about President Joe Biden’s popularity, or lack thereof. Speaking with Kayleigh McEnany, Kennedy made a bold statement, comparing Biden’s popularity in Louisiana to that of herpes. He pointed out that the people of Louisiana are not as foolish as the administration may believe, and they are well aware of the current state of the southern border.

Kennedy accused President Biden of attempting to shift the blame for his unpopularity onto the media, even though he believes that the media has largely supported the administration. In Louisiana, Kennedy asserted, Biden is about as well-liked as herpes. He attributed this to the sharp awareness and intelligence of the state’s residents, who see through the administration’s policies and actions.

The senator did not mince words as he criticized the handling of the southern border, claiming that the issues there are entirely the result of Biden’s decisions. He placed the responsibility for the border crisis squarely on the shoulders of the president, stating, “Our problems at the southern border are man made, and that man’s name is Joe Biden.” Kennedy didn’t stop there, adding that the people of Louisiana and all Americans are fully aware of who is to blame for the current situation.

Kennedy’s direct and unapologetic comments did not spare President Biden from further criticism. He questioned Biden’s perception of his own popularity and decision-making, expressing disbelief at the president’s attempts to deflect blame onto the media. Kennedy depicted a president who is out of touch with reality, drawing a stark contrast between Biden’s self-perception and the actual sentiment of the American people.

This bold interview with Senator Kennedy has sparked a wave of reactions and discussions, drawing attention to the state of public opinion regarding the Biden administration and its policies. As the nation grapples with a multitude of pressing issues, including the situation at the southern border, Kennedy’s remarks offer a glimpse into the sentiment and perspectives of certain political figures and the citizens they represent.

The interview with Senator Kennedy on FOX News has certainly left an impact, resonating with viewers and prompting further discussions about the current political climate. With his candid and uncompromising statements, Kennedy has reignited the debate about President Biden’s popularity and the public’s perception of his administration’s actions and decisions.

As the nation navigates through challenging and complex times, conversations sparked by outspoken figures like Senator Kennedy shed light on the various perspectives and opinions that shape the political landscape. With bold statements and unfiltered commentary, figures such as Kennedy contribute to a robust and dynamic discourse that reflects the diverse viewpoints of the American people.


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