Maine RNC Chair Shares Insights on Secretary of State’s Decision to Exclude Trump and More

As the sun set over the horizon, yet another blow to democracy shook the nation as a second state moved to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot. The decision, made by the Maine Secretary of State, has sparked outrage and concern. In response, GOP Minority Leader in the Maine House, Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham (R-ME), joins Ivory to discuss the implications of this partisan move.

Pro-Palestinian protests have erupted once again, this time at the iconic World Trade Center. Former New York State Rep. Dov Hikind will be speaking with Ivory to provide insights and analysis on the escalating tensions and the impact of these demonstrations.

Karen England, the President of the Capitol Resource Institute, will shed light on a judicial attack on bans for the genital mutilation of children. Additionally, she will delve into the topic of Social Contagion and whether measures can be taken to address this concerning phenomenon.

The situation at the southern border continues to deteriorate, with the Biden administration facing mounting pressure to address the crisis. John and JoBeth Ladd will be joining the discussion to provide their perspectives on the unfolding events and the actions needed to tackle the influx of migrants.

In a fitting end to the year, the spotlight will shine on Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers and a reflection on some of the worst examples of journalism in 2023. The turbulent year is coming to a close, and the implications of these developments are reverberating throughout the political landscape.

Finally, as the year draws to a close, a special segment will take a look at the top sponsors of the night. The Wellness Company, Zelenko Labs, and Naked Organs will be highlighted, with exclusive promo codes being offered to viewers for their products and services.

As the evening unfolds, viewers are in for a riveting and insightful program that promises to dissect the most pressing issues and developments of the day. With a diverse lineup of guests and a vibrant mix of topics, tonight’s show is set to captivate and engage audiences as they prepare to bid farewell to 2023.


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