Maine Secretary of State Attended Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ in 2017, Potentially Influencing Decision to Bar Trump from 2024 Ballot

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, known for her efforts to ban Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot, made headlines when she attended the 2017 ‘Women’s March,’ which featured speakers using violent rhetoric, including singer Madonna who mentioned ‘blowing up’ the White House. The Women’s March organization faced allegations of anti-Semitism, leading to its downfall. Bellows’ participation in the ‘resistance’ against Trump aligns with her current campaign against him.

According to Maine Public’s 2017 report, thousands of women and men across Maine gathered to support women’s and immigrants’ rights, the LGBT community, and the environment, the day after Trump’s presidential inauguration. Democratic state Sen. Shenna Bellows of Manchester, a former director of the ACLU of Maine, spoke at the rally, acknowledging people’s fears about the future under the new administration. Despite the challenges, Bellows encouraged the crowd to remain engaged and emphasized the power of unity in creating social change.

An image of Bellows at the rally was shared on Twitter, highlighting her recent move to bar Trump from the 2024 ballot, suggesting she is acting in the best interest of democracy. However, some argue that Democrats, while claiming to protect democracy, pose a greater threat to it than anyone else.

Bellows’ involvement in the Women’s March and her ongoing efforts against Trump demonstrate her commitment to advocating for progressive causes and challenging the current administration’s policies. It also underscores the growing political division and the persistent tension between supporters and opponents of the former president. As the debate over Trump’s political future continues, Bellows’ role in the opposition may further fuel the controversy surrounding his potential candidacy in future elections.

Whether Bellows’ actions align with her constituents’ interests or reflect a broader ideological conflict remains a topic of intense debate, as political tensions and divisions continue to shape the landscape of American democracy. Regardless of the outcome, her involvement in the anti-Trump movement is likely to remain a defining aspect of her political career and inform her future endeavors in Maine’s political arena.


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