Maine Secretary of State Invited to The White House After Removing Trump From Ballot

Maine’s Democrat Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, made headlines when she removed President Trump from Maine’s 2024 Presidential election ballot. Reports from The Gateway Pundit had previously highlighted this development. Now, it has been revealed that Bellows visited the White House to meet with President Biden on March 22, 2023. She was there to attend a Women’s History Month event, and her visit was documented by a post on her Facebook page and a White House visitor log.

During her time at the event, she took a photo with President Biden and later posted it to her Facebook, expressing her excitement to meet President Biden. Additionally, she highlighted her visit to the Women’s History Month event at the White House and the subsequent tour around the premises.

More details about her visit were disclosed on According to the website, Bellows was privileged to join President Biden, Vice President Harris, and other prominent female leaders from around the country at the White House event. In her statement, Bellows expressed her hope to witness more ground-breaking leaders in positions of power, envisioning a future where “the last of the ‘firsts’ like myself” are celebrated as part of the country’s history.

Bellows made another visit to the White House a few months later, this time to meet Biden’s Special Assistant Justin Vail. It was revealed that her trip was facilitated by Issue One Reform, an organization that advocates for restricting election-related speech activity and seeks to protect election workers and infrastructure.

However, Influence Watch’s profile of Issue One Reform describes it as an organization that advocates for restricting election-related speech activity and seeks to limit lobbying on local, state, and federal levels. The organization has been associated with the Democracy Alliance network of liberal mega-donors, including Jonathan Soros, the son of liberal mega-donor George Soros.

Bellows has been vocal about her support for the Biden administration and her opposition to Trump, as evidenced by her tweets expressing enthusiasm for voting for Biden and Harris, as well as her concerns about a potential Trump presidency.

Based on her social media activity and her White House visits, it is clear that Secretary of State Shenna Bellows has a strong affinity for the Biden administration and shares the organization’s perspective on protecting the integrity of elections. The details of her White House visits and her association with Issue One Reform add an interesting angle to her decision to remove President Trump from Maine’s 2024 presidential election ballot.


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