Male Police Officer Suspected of Entering Women’s Restroom in Kobe; Claims “No Paper in Men’s Restroom”

An individual of the law enforcement claiming to be “marooned” in the men’s washroom has been charged with the suspicion of trespassing the women’s facilities at a police facility in Kobe. The case was brought to the attention of the local district prosecutor’s office on April 24th, but the said officer was not detained, as per the acknowledgment received on Friday after a public exposure request was submitted by The Yomiuri Shimbun. The Hyogo prefectural police stated that the male officer, whose age is in his twenties, is believed to have entered the ladies’ restroom on the second floor sans an acceptable reason on March 7th. The officer, whose location of employment was left unknown but does serve in an unnamed police station in the Kansai province, stated that there was no lewd intention behind his conduct. To investigators, he claimed, “I had to utilize the washroom, but there was no toilet paper in the men’s restroom, so I figured I would head over to the ladies’ room to acquire some. It was not for the purpose of instigating any sexual misconduct.”

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