Man Arrested on Suspicion of Shooting Taxi Driver in Kawaguchi, Saitama Pref.; Caught By Police On Train Station Platform

A man was arrested on Friday in Japan for allegedly shooting a taxi driver in the northern city of Kawaguchi on Wednesday. According to reports, the suspect, Yoshiichi Segawa, 68, threatened the 72-year-old taxi driver with a gun and demanded money before shooting him in the abdomen. The taxi driver was seriously injured and remains in hospital. Segawa fled the scene, but was later detained by police on a platform at JR Omiya Station on Friday afternoon. He has been charged with robbery and attempted murder.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday night when Segawa reportedly hailed the taxi in the city of Saitama and asked the driver to take him to a nearby destination. During the journey, he allegedly pulled out a gun and demanded money from the driver before firing a shot at him and fleeing the scene.

Following the shooting, the police released a photo of the suspect to the public along with his name and other information. This led to Segawa's eventual capture at JR Omiya Station on Friday afternoon. During police questioning, Segawa reportedly denied involvement in the shooting but later confessed.

The incident has caused concern among taxi drivers in the region, with some saying they will be extra cautious from now on. The Japan Federation of Hire-Taxi Association has also spoken out about the incident, calling for increased measures to ensure the safety of taxi drivers and passengers.

The incident also raises questions about gun control in Japan, which is known for having some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. In Japan, owning a gun is difficult and requires a series of tests and background checks. Gun ownership is largely limited to hunting and shooting sports, with members of the public largely prohibited from carrying guns for self-defense.

This strict stance on gun control has contributed to Japan's low levels of gun-related violence, with the country consistently ranking among the lowest in the world for gun-related deaths. However, incidents like this one highlight that gun violence can still occur, even in countries where gun ownership is heavily restricted.

The taxi driver, who has not been named, remains in hospital in a serious condition. His relatives have condemned the attack and expressed hope for his recovery. The incident is still under investigation, and police have not yet released further details about Segawa or his motives for the attack.


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