Maryland Abortion Clinic Owner Admits to Performing Late-term Abortions and Expresses Concern About Patient Numbers

Maryland Abortion Clinic Under Fire for Boasting About Performing Late-Term Abortions

The owner of an abortion clinic in Maryland has come under scrutiny for her recent remarks regarding her willingness to perform late-term abortions. According to DCist, Morgan Nuzzo, who co-owns Partners in Abortion Care in College Park, Maryland, expressed concern over the decrease in patients seeking later abortions in recent months. Nuzzo cited potential reasons for this decline, including a lack of awareness of other options and the inability to travel to other states where abortion may be more accessible.

The controversial statements made by Nuzzo have sparked outrage, with conservative author Oli London reporting on the matter. London emphasized Nuzzo’s admission that the clinic performs abortions up to 34 weeks into pregnancy. Nuzzo revealed in an interview with DCIST American University Radio that the clinic sees an average of 10 patients a week and expressed regret over having to turn someone away from receiving an abortion.

Nuzzo also admitted that the clinic’s availability for appointments has increased, indicating a drop in the number of patients seeking late-term abortions. These revelations have raised concerns among critics, as late-term abortions remain a divisive and contentious issue in the United States.

The controversy surrounding Nuzzo’s comments has reignited the debate over late-term abortions, with Nuzzo’s remarks serving as a reminder of the contentious and emotionally charged nature of the issue. The statements made by Nuzzo have sparked fierce backlash from pro-life advocates, who have condemned her clinic’s practices as tantamount to killing babies just weeks away from being born.

The remarks have also prompted questions about the accessibility and availability of abortion services, as Nuzzo’s concerns over the decrease in late-term abortion patients raise broader concerns regarding the state of reproductive healthcare in the United States.

Critics argue that the clinic’s willingness to perform late-term abortions raises ethical and moral questions that have reignited the contentious national debate over abortion. The controversy has also drawn attention to the broader implications of Nuzzo’s comments, which have highlighted the challenges and complexities of reproductive healthcare access in the United States.

In the wake of Nuzzo’s comments, the topic of late-term abortions has once again taken center stage in the national discourse, shedding light on the ethical, legal, and moral complexities surrounding the issue. Nuzzo’s remarks have reignited the debate over reproductive rights, opening the door to a broader examination of the constitutional and legal principles at the heart of the issue.


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