Muslim Group Cancels Pro-Hamas Protest Inside Holocaust Museum in DC

A planned protest against Israel inside the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. by Doctors Against Genocide was cancelled after receiving fierce online backlash. The Muslim group encouraged participants to wear white coats/uniforms and get tickets for the museum online. Afterward, the protest would have moved to the White House. Members of the group had previously joined a protest at the Capitol against Israel alongside several Democrat Congresswomen.

StopAntisemitism posted background information on Doctors Against Genocide, revealing that the group focuses solely on Israel and is a program of “Jetpac,” a 501c3 “seeking to build a strong American Muslim political infrastructure and increase community influence.” The group’s planned protest at the Holocaust Museum aimed to demand Israel to stop defending itself against Hamas terrorism, a move deemed stomach churning by StopAntisemitism.

Doctors Against Genocide posted an update Tuesday morning cancelling the Holocaust Museum protest, claiming to mean to express their “empathy” for Holocaust victims and bring “awareness to the ongoing Genocide in Gaza.” The organization said it would announce future events with more detailed communication and emphasized its stance against hate in all forms. Meanwhile, Jewish patients of doctors who are members of Doctors Against Genocide were advised to seek care elsewhere, just in case.

The group’s website contains a page on “Anti-Palestinian Racism” explaining various forms of discrimination against Palestinians, such as denying their history and refusing to acknowledge them as an indigenous people with rights in relation to occupied and historic Palestine. The page highlights the group’s focus on accusing Jews of genocide for defending themselves from Palestinians who waged the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust on October 7.

The group’s plan to protest inside the Holocaust Museum received criticism from various sources, causing them to cancel the event. While they claim to advocate for ending hate and fighting for the rights of Palestinians, their actions have sparked outrage and condemnation.

The backlash against Doctors Against Genocide shows the importance of understanding the historical and cultural significance of the Holocaust Museum. It also highlights the need for peaceful and respectful discourse on sensitive political issues, especially when it involves a place that signifies the memory of millions of innocent lives lost during the Holocaust.


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