New Evidence Emerges: Brad Raffensperger Allegedly Misled President Trump About 2020 Election Fraud During January 2021 Phone Call

President Trump’s infamous call with SOS Brad Raffensperger and SOS Official Jordan Fuchs led to a lie being exposed. Fuchs, who lied to the Washington Post about the contents of the call, was caught when the original recording of the call was found deleted on her computer.

In late December 2020, President Trump made a call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to look at some items that were uncovered by his auditor. The call contained evidence suggesting the election was uncertifiable.

Raffensperger’s office secretly recorded the phone call with President Trump and later lied about it when they leaked it to the Washington Post. They provided the Washington Post with a fraudulent transcript of the call that was outed by the publication.

Georgia Chairman of the Republican Party David Shafer later revealed that Raffensperger and Fuchs lied to the Washington Post about Trump’s demand to “find the fraud.” After leaking their version of the story, they deleted the audio of the call, which was later found in the laptop’s “trash” folder.

Following the call, Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote published their report titled “The Aftermath” on the impact of dirty voter rolls on the 2020 election. The report confirmed that Raffensperger had lied to President Trump about the election’s cleanliness in Georgia during the call.

According to Catherine’s affidavit, she told Raffensperger in December that there were approximately 67,284 votes that should likely not have been counted because the voters’ registrations were ineligible based on permanent change of residency. Raffensperger denied these claims during his call with President Trump.

The Aftermath report, published on August 21, 2023, focuses on the impact of dirty voter rolls on the 2020 election. It highlights the Democrat lawsuit against True the Vote for their efforts to clean up the voter rolls in Georgia. The Biden DOJ recently joined the lawsuit against True the Vote.

The Aftermath also confirmed that Brad Raffensperger lied to President Trump about the 2020 election in Georgia on that infamous phone call. The report sheds light on the contentious nature of the call and adds to the mounting evidence against Raffensperger and Fuchs for their deceptive actions.

In conclusion, the infamous call between President Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger continues to be a point of controversy and investigation. From leaked audio recordings to fraudulent transcripts, the call has only added to the division and distrust surrounding the 2020 election. The Aftermath report by True the Vote provides valuable insights into the impact of voter rolls and the ongoing legal battles related to the election. As the truth continues to be revealed, it is crucial to address the underlying issues and ensure transparency and integrity in future elections.


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