New Japanese Research Center to Investigate Risks of Generative AI Models

Japanese Government to Establish Research Center on Risks of Generative AI Models

The Japanese government has set its sights on establishing a new research center to study the potential risks associated with the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) models. This move is aimed at addressing concerns over the spread of disinformation and potential copyright violations stemming from the use of generative AI technologies.

The new research center, which is expected to be up and running as early as next April, will be tasked with studying the potential hazards linked to generative AI models. It is hoped that the center’s findings will prove valuable in helping private companies engaged in the development of generative AI models to navigate potential pitfalls and risks. This comes in the wake of growing concerns over the secretive nature of the development of generative AI technologies by entities such as OpenAI and Microsoft Corp.

The research base will be housed within the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry. It will be spearheaded by the NII’s director and staffed by around 20 researchers with expertise in large-scale language models (LLMs), on which generative AI models are built.

The researchers at the center will focus on identifying the mechanisms behind AI-generated texts and images, studying potential risks, and devising strategies to address any issues that may arise. One area of focus will be to analyze and mitigate the possibility of copyright infringement arising from the content generated by AI models.

The Japanese government aims to share the center’s findings with private companies, universities, and other stakeholders to ensure that the development of generative AI models takes into account the potential risks. The government is particularly keen on creating an environment that fosters the safe development of AI models and underscores the associated risks, while also disseminating measures to address any problems that may arise.

The move to establish a dedicated research center underscores Japan’s commitment to ensuring the responsible and safe development of AI technologies. This is especially relevant as companies and research institutions in Japan are increasingly focused on the development of AI technologies that are tailored to the Japanese language and culture.

In light of this trend, there is a growing need for comprehensive research on the potential risks associated with generative AI models, and the new research center is well positioned to play a key role in addressing these concerns. The government’s proactive stance on this issue is expected to set the stage for the responsible and ethical development of AI technologies in Japan and beyond.


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