New Podcast Examines the Vital Role of Faith in God for Jan 6 Prisoners

Jake Lang, a political prisoner from the January 6th Capitol riot, has started a powerful new ministry in the form of a podcast. In this week’s Special Edition Political Prisoner Podcast, Lang delivers a message about faith and resilience, drawing parallels between the persecution of Jan 6 prisoners and that of biblical figures.

Lang emphasizes the importance of trust in God to endure the brutal conditions of the DC Jail Gulag. Despite being incarcerated for over 1075 days without a trial, Lang remains steadfast in his faith. He has received thousands of letters of support from the American people and sees their words as messages from God, providing the strength to continue the fight for justice.

According to Lang, the persecution of the Jan 6 prisoners reflects the persecution experienced by early Christians. He believes that their imprisonment and torture serve a greater purpose, similar to the suffering of biblical figures. Lang and his fellow prisoners see themselves as modern-day apostles, drawing on their faith to endure the injustice they face.

The podcast, titled “American Revival,” seeks to inspire and uplift those who are facing similar challenges. Lang’s message is one of hope and resilience, urging listeners to turn to God in the face of adversity. The podcast aims to highlight the strength and determination of the Jan 6 prisoners while also calling for support from the public.

As the three-year anniversary of the January 6th riot approaches, Lang and his fellow prisoners continue to endure their ordeal with unwavering faith. Lang invites supporters to become monthly sponsors for the prisoners’ commissary needs through The support of the public plays a crucial role in sustaining and empowering the Jan 6 prisoners as they fight for justice.

The podcast episode featuring Lang’s powerful message and testimonies can be accessed through the embedded link provided. His message serves as a reminder of the strength that can be found in faith, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Through their faith and determination, Lang and his fellow prisoners are determined to continue their fight for justice and inspire an American revival.


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