New Poll Shows Nikki Haley Trails Trump by Only 4 Points

Nikki Haley Gaining Ground on Trump in New Hampshire Poll, Poll shows Haley just 4 points behind Trump in the Granite State, trailing the former president has close tie to New Hampshire for the White House bid. As January approaches, the 2024 race for the Republican presidential nomination is heating up. Haley is closing in on Trump. A new poll has been released that could potentially throw a wrench into the plans of the Trump campaign in the state of New Hampshire. It shows GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley just four points behind Trump, a significant change in the race. This new poll comes just days before Christmas and is causing quite a stir in the political world.

A survey conducted by the American Research Group reveals that President Donald Trump has 33 percent of voter support, while former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has secured 29 percent of voter support. This is a major shift from previous polls, in which Trump was leading by a significant margin over Ms. Haley and other GOP rivals. The poll has come as a surprise to many, as Trump has been leading by as much as 50 points in previous polls. The new numbers are likely to shake up the race for the GOP nomination.

Nikki Haley has never lost an election, and she is determined to continue her winning streak. Despite being labeled as an underdog and a long-shot candidate, she has proven that she has what it takes to secure victories in tough elections. Her determination and perseverance are garnering attention and support, as evidenced by her strong showing in the latest poll. This dramatic rise in the poll numbers is seen as a major boost for her campaign.

The poll results also indicate that Nikki Haley is pulling ahead of other Republican contenders, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis, who was once considered a formidable challenger to Trump’s bid for a second term, has received only six percent of voter support in the survey. Meanwhile, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has secured 13 percent of the votes, and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has earned five points in the survey. Overall, the poll suggests that Nikki Haley is emerging as a frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

Haley has made clear her intention to win the New Hampshire primary and has been actively campaigning in the state. She has several stops scheduled in various towns and cities across New Hampshire, including a visit to the McIntyre Ski Resort in Manchester and a tour of college towns such as Lebanon and Plymouth. Her efforts have paid off, as she recently won the endorsement of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. Sununu’s support is a significant win for Haley, given his popularity and influence in the state.

The Trump campaign has reacted disdainfully to the new poll results, calling them “fake” and criticizing the methodology. Trump himself has dismissed the poll and insulted Haley, addressing her as “Birdbrain,” a derogatory nickname he frequently uses. Trump has also made disparaging comments about Governor Sununu, suggesting that his endorsement of Haley has diminished his popularity.

Nikki Haley’s rise in the polls has put her in the spotlight, but her campaign has faced challenges. She has been criticized for her stance on illegal immigration, particularly her proposal for a sweeping catch-and-deport policy. She has also called for the defunding of sanctuary cities and stricter border control measures. When asked to comment on Trump’s controversial remarks about illegal immigration, Haley acknowledged the need to address the issue but criticized his rhetoric as unhelpful.

Despite the criticisms and challenges, Nikki Haley’s strong showing in the polls has solidified her position as a frontrunner for the GOP nomination. Her campaign has gained momentum, and she is poised to continue her rise in the coming weeks. The 2024 presidential race is shaping up to be an intense and closely contested battle, with Nikki Haley as a rising star to watch.


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