New York Times Columnist Suggests Trump is Now Seen as the ‘Return to Normalcy’ Candidate

In a surprising twist, New York Times columnist and pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson has characterized former President Donald Trump as the candidate for a “return to normalcy,” a label previously associated with President Joe Biden.

This declaration comes as a shock for those who have been following political developments in recent years. Following Trump’s 2016 victory, liberals across the nation decried his presidency as abnormal. “This is not normal” became a common refrain. In 2020, Democrats touted Biden as the candidate who would restore a sense of normalcy to the country. However, it seems that the reality has not lived up to their expectations.

Breitbart News quoted Anderson’s analysis, where she highlights Biden’s failure to bring a sense of stability to the nation in the wake of his “chaotic policies,” including pandemic mandates, the Afghan withdrawal, soaring living costs, as well as global instability.

Anderson’s statement in The New York Times is quite remarkable, as she writes, “Voters wanted this from Mr. Biden and clearly feel he didn’t deliver, which is why Mr. Trump currently leads by notable margins across most of the key swing states.” She emphasizes that voters are yearning for someone to restore order to the country rather than for someone to disrupt the status quo.

The fact that such thoughts are being expressed by a liberal at The New York Times is quite noteworthy. This indicates that Biden is facing a significant challenge as he approaches the next election.

Anderson’s own tweets reinforce her position, as she warns against assuming that voters will view Trump as a chaotic menace and Biden as the safer option. She notes that Biden was elected to bring order to America but has failed to do so.

From the perspective of journalists at liberal outlets, it is clear that Biden is confronting a serious issue as he seeks to regain the trust and support of the electorate.

In light of these developments, it is evident that Trump’s appeal lies in his perceived ability to restore a sense of normalcy to the nation, a quality that many voters believe Biden has not delivered. This could significantly impact the upcoming election.

In conclusion, Anderson’s assessment of Trump as the “return to normalcy” candidate sheds light on the current political landscape and the challenges that Biden faces in capturing the public’s confidence. As the 2024 election approaches, it will be interesting to see how these sentiments influence the political dynamics in the United States.


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