NFL Player Reacts to Career Setback: ‘God’s Got Me’

The Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is known for his consistency and professionalism throughout his NFL career. With a career winning percentage of .614, Wilson has been a reliable player and a great teammate, making his benching a surprising move.

Despite playing well this year and leading the Broncos to playoff contention, Wilson was benched after a loss to the New England Patriots. However, the situation turned out to be more complex than initially thought, according to The Athletic’s Dianna Russini.

Russini revealed that the Broncos had been planning to cut Wilson in March, despite the quarterback having a $245 million contract extension with Denver that doesn’t go into effect until 2025. They threatened to bench him for the rest of the season if he did not defer the injury guarantee trigger date. Legal action and discussions took place, but no changes were made to the contract.

Russini also disclosed that the team never informed Wilson if or when they would bench him, leaving him to play until he was told he was no longer starting.

Wilson, who is a top 10 quarterback in various statistics this year, led the Broncos to six wins out of nine games after a slow start. Despite this, the team threatened Wilson over a clause in his contract, which has raised questions about their treatment of the quarterback.

Despite the turmoil, Wilson responded with grace, stating, “God’s got me. Looking forward to what’s next,” in a post on X. His unwavering faith has been a consistent aspect of his public persona, displaying his character and levelheadedness.

Given Wilson’s positive track record and character, it’s unclear why he was benched in favor of a career backup. The potential for the Patriots, the team that beat the Broncos, to acquire Wilson after his release has added irony to the situation.

The Broncos’ treatment of Wilson seems startling, given his conduct and consistency as a professional athlete. He has remained a class act and a man of faith, which makes the decision to bench him even more perplexing.

As Wilson faces an uncertain future with the Broncos, his response to the situation and his unwavering faith continue to define him as a professional and an individual. The prospect of his next move remains unclear, but Wilson’s resilience and grace are evident in the face of adversity.


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